Managing Your Stress: While Stepping Into Your Power

Saturday, September 21st:

Thank you everyone who attended Empower Our Crowns Stress Management Training. It was the first but certainly not the last stress management training we will do. Thank you for taking the first steps to B(body) E(emotions) A(actions) T(thinking) your stress. Let’s commit to beating our stress daily! ⁣

For all who attended, the workshop couldn’t have been as powerful as it was without you! Putting your vulnerabilities on the table is a difficult task, sharing your weaknesses with strangers is scary and uncomfortable but each person shared their truth unapologetically. ⁣

Whether you shared a small or big piece of your truth, your very presence in that shared safe space made a huge impact. Acknowledging what hurts us is the first step to our healing. ⁣

We have to be mindful as leaders, as humans, of our stress levels. We can do anything but we can’t do everything.⁣

Be intentional with the way you treat yourself as you’re elevating into your purpose. Be mindful of your emotions, thoughts and body as it responds to stress. Remember that stress has different levels, eustress, tolerable stress and toxic stress. What level are you on? Do you need to take a step back? ⁣

If it does not feel good, chances are it’s not good. Take a break, breathe, practice mindfulness and mediation, exercise regularly, talk about your feelings with trusted individuals, mentors, friends or even a mental health professional. ⁣

You were blessed with the gift to lead and empower others. However if you are not committed to empowering self with love, patience and understanding it will be hard for people to follow your lead. ⁣

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are “. ⁣

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Pilar Tucker, M.A.


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