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The mission of the Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center (RTI Empowerment Center) of Stoughton, MA is to bridge the gap in communities through arts, youth empowerment, and community development. 


01. ARTS.



We offer a stage and gallery space as an outlet for creatives to express oneself.






A space ranging from workshops to clubs, which challenges the youth to become their best self.






We lead community gatherings in an effort to raise awareness on matters that effects us as a whole.


RTI Events

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Let’s Vibe – Teen Open Mic

November 13 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm



We thank you! 

Greetings family, friends, supporters and members of the community. 

Thank you for all of the love and support we have received. Your dedication to helping the RTI Empowerment Center has been amazing. In February of this year, we officially launched Let’s Vibe – Teen Open Mic and Let’s Build – Teen Support Group. We are looking to launch the Teen Chess Club, Teen Web Development/IT Club, Teen Public Speaking Workshop, and YIP (Youth Intensive Program) within the next few months. We are currently seeking enthusiastic, charismatic, and motivated volunteer facilitators for our programs, if you are interested please email us at rtiecinc@gmail.com.

Ways to support the RTI Empowerment Center:

Monetary Donations:  A monthly donation. You can also check with your employer about the possibility of a matching gift. 

Tributes: Acknowledge birthdays, graduations or other celebrations by contributing in the name of someone special. A gift to the RTI Empowerment Center is a wonderful way to honor someone. 

Fundraising: Hosting a fundraiser to help provide the youth with the necessary tools needed to succeed. 

Giving Party: Looking for ways to celebrate and give? Ask your guest to contribute a monetary donation, art material, school supplies, and/or books in place of a gift. 

Or simply make a direct contribution to the RTI Empowerment Center.


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Social Events


Saturday, September 21st:

Thank you everyone who attended Empower Our Crowns Stress Management Training. It was the first but certainly not the last stress management training we will do. Thank you for taking the first steps to B(body) E(emotions) A(actions) T(thinking) your stress. Let’s commit to beating our stress daily! ⁣

For all who attended, the workshop couldn’t have been as powerful as it was without you! Putting your vulnerabilities on the table is a difficult task, sharing your weaknesses with strangers is scary and uncomfortable but each person shared their truth unapologetically. ⁣

Whether you shared a small or big piece of your truth, your very presence in that shared safe space made a huge impact. Acknowledging what hurts us is the first step to our healing. ⁣

We have to be mindful as leaders, as humans, of our stress levels. We can do anything but we can’t do everything.⁣

Be intentional with the way you treat yourself as you’re elevating into your purpose. Be mindful of your emotions, thoughts and body as it responds to stress. Remember that stress has different levels, eustress, tolerable stress and toxic stress. What level are you on? Do you need to take a step back? ⁣

If it does not feel good, chances are it’s not good. Take a break, breathe, practice mindfulness and mediation, exercise regularly, talk about your feelings with trusted individuals, mentors, friends or even a mental health professional. ⁣

You were blessed with the gift to lead and empower others. However if you are not committed to empowering self with love, patience and understanding it will be hard for people to follow your lead. ⁣

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are “. ⁣

#stressless #understandstress #learnstress #knowyourstress #mentalhealth #empoweryourbody #empoweryourmind #treatyourself ⁣


Pilar Tucker, M.A. 

The Black Cotton Club curates Jam Session events that happen every month in Boston, MA. For the month of August they brought it to the South Shore at the RTI Empowerment Center in Stoughton, MA. The Black Cotton Club presented the Caribbean Jam Session on August 30th featuring artist such as, Trippy, Monavelli, & Chaz. 

Thank you Black Cotton Club for hosting such as phenomenal event at the RTI Empowerment Center. 

On August 27th B. Corinne celebrated these young aspiring models with a mini fashion show. B. Corinne is a model who decided to create “The Werkshop” for girls between the ages of 12 to 16 years old. “The Werkshop” is a month-long program for young aspiring models lead by B.Corinne and other modeling professionals. In this werkshop, young models will learn everything they should know about the modeling industry, such as, working with photographers, learning the cat walk, and entrepreneurship. 

Thank you B. Corinne for creating and hosting such an amazing and inspirational event at the RTI Empowerment Center. 


About the Founder


Royale L’radin, Executive Director of the RTI Center; created the center as a foundation to help those in the community seeking guidance and resources.
My name is Royale L’radin, and as a transformational speaker and as someone who understands the need for community development, I have made it my life mission to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of life that I wasn’t able to. I founded Revolution to Inspire to make an impact and inspire others to want and make a meaningful change in their lives and communities. This purpose for change is what fuels my professional work, and has cultivated me as an individual.
Some of you may know me from posting daily inspirational quotes on social media. Some of you may know me from my community involvements, such as, a motivational speaker who facilitates workshops, speaking engagements or hosting events within the community. I have experienced many successes and failures in my life. Those rich experiences have carved and molded me into the man I am today; and with that, I recognize the need for a community center that is safe, has a healthy and creative environment where everyone, especially the youth, may come together for individual growth; the common good of the community. This is the purpose of the RTI Empowerment Center.
I was moved to start the  Revolution To Inspire (RTI) motivational organization in 2015, which fuels the Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center (RTIEC). It is my vision that the RTI Empowerment Center will offer the proper support to the youth that I lacked growing up through mentor-ship as well as recreational and educational empowerment.
I ask you now to share this vision with me.
Rental Space

RTI Rental

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Space now available for community events!!

Event space at the RTI Empowerment Center  Availability: Every day | 8 am to 12 am Capacity: 220 Standing | 100 seated Suitable for: Large to small private events, Photography Space, Art Gallery Exhibitions, Fundraising Events, Funeral Re-pass, Private Business Meetings, Workshops, and many more. 

Let us help you make your event an unforgettable one!!! 

For more information and pricing email us at, rtiecrental@gmail.com or call (774)-776-3341. Want an easier way to book with us? Fill out our application and one of our team members will get back to you within 24hours. 

Thank You

Thank You!

Our extraordinary donors and sponsors.

Dedicated Donors Corporations 

Cheryl Schainfield

Eric Chuckran – New England Welding

Jamaal Eversley – Nordstrom

Steven Greene – WB Mason

Tayamisha Lauradin – Starbucks

* And to the countless number of community members who have contributed over the past 2 years.

Central Street Pizzeria & Grille in Stoughton

Chuck & Cheese in Stoughton

E.M. Duggan Inc. in Canton

Papa Gino’s in Stoughton

Shaw’s in Canton

Stegimward Desir – StarLines Hair Salon

Stop & Shop in Stoughton

Target in Stoughton

The Chateau in Stoughton

The Mom’s Club of Stoughton in Stoughton

United Way of Greater Plymouth County – The Family Center & Community Connection of Brockton

Wal-mart in Avon

Wegmans in Westwood




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